A variety of creative ways to express my love for creativity.


I want to tell you a story, a story of a battle I have to fight every day, a battle I do not always win.
My name is Shella. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, an aunt, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour.
I have an amazing family and friends, a very supportive and loving husband and beautiful children.
I work for a reputable company.
I have it all…including depression and anxiety.

I have been struggling with mental illness for a long time, but was only clinically diagnosed during my second pregnancy in 2014.

I've always been creative. I love throwing theme parties for my children or any party planning in general. I designed every invitation, handmade most decorations and party favours.
But when I fell into depression - the creativity in me slowly disappeared. It became dark and quiet. And I slowly became into someone I didn't even know.
There are many ways to cope with mental illness. Some go the dark path of addiction to drugs and alcohol. But I chose to battle and cope with my mental illness through CREATIVITY.
REstyled REdesigned is my coping mechanism and my distraction as I continue my journey with mental illness. It gives me an outlet to be busy and cope with my inner demons that lurk within me. And this is how REstyled REdesigned was created.
I always give back to the community in all awareness items I make. RR gives monthly donation to PLAN International and CAMH (Centre for Addition and Mental Health Foundation). Awareness days such as Pink Shirt Day, Autism Day and Orange Shirt Day are one of many that I raise money for and give back to the organizations in our community.
I am not about profit or flashy slogans. I don't print in offshore warehouses. Every single item you purchase from RR is handmade. From design, to cutting vinyls, to screen printing, to heat pressing, to packaging...all handmade by yours truly.
No matter how big or small the order, I will always be there to provide personalized service. The success of REstyled REdesigned is the uniqueness of every item.