We Stand Together Against Bullying

Restyled Redesigned is my creative way to fight mental illness. Ever since I’ve started this journey to create - I’ve ALWAYS given back to foundations and charities. 

I do monthly donations to CAMH and Plan International Canada.

For every awareness t-shirt purchase, I give $2 back to the foundation or charity. This year, I wanted to partner with Pink Shirt Canada but I found out that the money generated for pink shirt day is only funding organizations within British Columbia.

Not to be a selfish Ontarian - but I think our province needs more funding. Throughout our lives, from childhood to adulthood, community is an essential part of our everyday existence. Community is vital in ways we can’t imagine.

This year, I wanted to do more within our community...for our community. For Pink Shirt Day, I am donating $1 to Pink Shirt Foundation and $1 to ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids) for everyone pink shirt purchase between Jan 15 - Feb 25.

Last year (2019), I made 112 T-shirts and donated $238 to CKNW Kids’ Fund’s Pink Shirt Day. This year, along with Restyled Redesigned’s school partnerships we are donating $1,267 collectively!!!

$248 CKNW Kids’ Fund’s Pink Shirt Day

$248 ROCK

$771 Bullying Canada

Special thanks to the schools that participated in this year’s very important anti-bullying awareness.

I am beyond emotional as I tally these numbers. I cannot thank each and every single one of you enough. We wouldn’t be able to donate this much to these charities without your support.

Be proud RR Family.

This is also part of your journey.

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